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Skyborne is a group of the first and most elite group of heroes. The game invites you to explore an engaging world, solve quests, and gather valuable resources. It is a social world where players can explore, create, customize, and battle.

The franchise roadmap shows that it has 3 phases. Phase 1 is Skyborne Genesis Web browser which is a mini-game. Phase 2 is a Skyborne Phoenix Flight which is a mobile fantasy adventure game. Phase 3 is Skyborne Legacy which is a PC MMORPG.

In Skyborne Genesis, the player is provided with a dynamic and social storytelling experience. Unique narratives from each player shape the developing history of Skyborne. Every participant of the game will earn rare digital collectibles and interoperable rewards that are transferable to the future mobile game and MMORPG. This way players can carry their achievements to future full-fledged titles.

The collections Skyborne Genesis Immortals and Skyborne Nexian Gems have 9,999 and 3,333 NFTs respectively. The powerful traits increase the abilities of the hero and thus add unique utility to the world of Skyborne Legacy. 

The Recent Market Analysis of Skyborne NFT

The NFT has a total volume of 111 ETH and a floor price of 0.0187 ETH. It has 1,650 owners and 17% are unique owners. The owner distribution chart of OpenSea shows that there are 592 owners of 1 item, for 2-3 items there are 663 owners. There are 257 owners for 4-10 items, 88 owners of 11-25 items, and 29 owners of 26-50 items. For more than 51 items there are 21 owners.

The NFT has different traits like background, class, companion, damage type, eye color, hairstyle, etc. The list of low to high prices includes Human Hunter III #5 with a price of 0.0186 ETH, Human Mage III #12 with a price of 0.0187 ETH, and Emberling Mage III #5 for 0.019 ETH.

On the other hand, the list of high to low prices shows that Shoppekeep Sorcerer #1 is having a price of 20 ETH. It is followed by Emberling Sorcerer IV #4 and Emberling Monk III #7 at prices of 13 ETH and 10 ETH respectively.

The highest last sale was made for Human Barbarian III #2 at 8 ETH which is followed by Yozzer Brighthide and Tariel Tridysa both at 1 ETH. The recently sold list on OpenSea shows that Human Bard III #37, Elven Paladin IV #7, and Human Rogue V #1 have been sold recently for 0.02 WETH, 0.03 ETH, and 0.04 ETH respectively.

Skyborne has a very active community. They can be followed on their website and social media X and Discord channels. The data shows that Skyborne Nexian Gems has 1,250 wallets holding NFTs in this collection. It includes 43 blue chip holders and 0 whales. Skyborne Genesis immortals have 1,651 wallets holding NFTs which includes 44 blue chip holders and 0 whales.

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