The Shares Have Risen 130% Since the End of 2022

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Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc (LON: RR) is a renowned firm listed on the London Stock Exchange. It designs, develops, manufactures, and services integrated power systems for use in the air, on land, and at sea. The company operates through segments, such as Civil Aerospace, Power Systems, Defense, and ITP Aero. RR stock has a market cap of £18.5B, making it a large-cap company in terms of market capitalization

Why the RR Stock Price is Rising?

The tables have turned around for the RR stock price. It is on the rise since making its 52-week low of £65 back in October 2022. The stock’s rollercoaster ride has come to an end as a long bullish trend is visible. The future price actions are looking up for the luxury car manufacturer. It is the first year since 2007 when the major broking houses and analysts have labeled a “buy” signal on to its Spirit of Ecstasy.

The predictions of analysts and Institutional brokers

Moreover, the stock broke its major resistance of £94.3 in December. J.P. Morgan analysts have also changed their long-held bearish ratings on the RR stock price. An analyst at J.P Morgan named David Perry gave a target price of £235, which is also the resistance level according to the technical analysis.

With such strong indications, the stock can continue to perform well in the upcoming months. As Institutional interests are growing, the existing investors are also becoming confident. It is being reflected in the stock price.

Technical Analysis and Prediction of RR Stock Price

A few days ago, the RR stock price made a year-to-date high of £233 and rebounded. That level was just below a significant resistance level of £236. The RR stock price is trading at £220 at the press time. It is just in the supply zone of the immediate resistance level of £218. If the bulls can successfully take support of £218, the price will rise to its 2nd resistance. Otherwise, the first support level of £200 will be waiting.

The RSI and MACD are in a slight downtrend as both have made a bearish crossover with their moving averages. However, it will reverse soon after the bulls retake stock price control. 


The RR stock price has rebounded between the first and the second resistance. It indicates that support can be taken from a level of £218 if the stock sustains above it for some time. It will move to its second resistance level of £236, which is the target price as per the technical analysis.

Technical Levels

Support:£200, and  £174

Resistance: £218, and £236


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