The Web3 Game Gods Unchained Releases a New Format 

Web3 game Gods Unchained has announced the new format of the game that facilitates players to compete with semi-random cards that they receive at the start of the tournament. The format is made to reward the users who are skilled and talented irrespective of the expensive collection they hold.

For participation in the sealed mode, players have to pay a fee of 15 Gods Unchained tokens (GODS) which is nearly $2.65. They can randomly select 3 Gods after paying the fees. In addition, they receive 60 random cards drawn from multiple Gods Unchained card sets which include Etherbots, Mortal Judgement, Winter Wandelands, and others.

Characteristics of the Gameplay

The pool of cards is semi-random. It contains a minimum number of cards of specific types to confirm that needed decks can be built with it. Each pool must have 12 cards that cost 3 mana or less.

The posts also stated that from a player pool of 60 cards, they must build a minimum 30-card deck. There is a compulsion that players must build their decks entirely from the cards provided. They cannot use cards of their own choice.

After building the deck, players must compete to win or lose seven. Those who get better results are met with more rewards as compared to the worse records. In sealed mode some cosmetics awards are available. But these can be obtained by players who won more than 4 matches or more.

The sealed mode in Gods Unchained is similar to the sealed duck or draft tournament for face-to-face cards like Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon. Players of this game often used sealed formats to collect cards. 

But, most digital cards do not permit players who win to own their cards in a meaningful sense. The sealed tournament is virtually not known in the digital card game.

Gods Unchained pays to play hence called as trading card game. It has cards that are shown by non-fungible tokens. This gives full ownership of the in-game items. Collect rare cards, build decks, and sell cards to other players.

These are stored in the Immutable X network, a layer 2 of Ethereum. It is the first Web3 game released by Immutable. Immutable stated in May that it was developing a wallet application called “Passport” that would allow games to log in without the need to copy-paste the seed words. On August 15, Immutable also released zkEVM testnet which claimed to help scale Ethereum for video game players.


Gods Unchained is the Web 3 gameplay that releases a new composition of the game called “Sealed Mode”. It allows players to build a deck of 30 cards from the player pool of 60 cards. Players can not select the cards with which the deck is built. The only compulsion is that the deck must be built with the provided cards.

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