Three Events That Will Be Catalysts For The Next Bull Run

Every major event has its precursor. From war to recession, the theory is applicable to everything. When one talks about crypto, there are many things that impact its movement. Now as the crypto history is concerned, some or the other incidents trigger the bullish run. Experts are expecting the same for the next one as well. They’re of strong opinion that a few factors will push the next crypto bull run. 

Event 1: Bitcoin ETF

The exchange-traded fund of Bitcoin had almost become a lost cause for many. Sometimes, the actors become the major drivers behind any phenomenon. The same happened with Bitcoin ETF. A few months later, the finance industry major, BlackRock, filed for it. Since then, it has become the hottest discussion topic for the entire crypto community.

It was the first time that a traditional finance company showed interest in a crypto instrument. Moreover, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has expressed very positive opinions about Bitcoin. According to this, this decentralized fintech solution has limitless potential. Now, this has aroused the hitherto dormant interest of other companies.

A number of other companies have filed for the same. The growing interest of companies in ETF is building the market sentiment as well. As per the general consensus, ETF will happen sooner or later. Whenever that happens, it will give Bitcoin a major boost for the whole crypto community. The approval of BTC ETF actually paves the way for many other possibilities.

In this context, it would mean that pension funds will also be given in the form of crypto. Furthermore, it would put crypto into a classified asset class.

Event 2: Bitcoin Halving

Next year, in the month of May, Bitcoin will undergo ‘halving’. This event actually halves the block rewards issued to miners. So if 6.25BTC is issued to every miner right now, after next May, it will be 3.13. However, it won’t impact the markets in any way. This is because half of the rewards are absorbed by the markets easily. In essence, its impact lies on the psychological front.

Fundamentally, it is a calendar event and traders plan their buying/selling according to it. As per the records, Bitcoin price rises after a few months of halving. That is because the supply is reduced and the remaining assets catch up with the demand. So once it happens, the markets will surely be ready to react to it.

Event 3: Crypto Regulations

Since the advent of crypto, people have been talking about its future. Finally, countries are ready to implement it. Europe has already prepared the draft which it is calling the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation. The Republicans in the US are also going for it. As a result, the markets are going gung-ho about this.

Many nations are working on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) too. Though centralized, this new form of digital assets has got a lot of people excited especially at a time when the SEC and its chairperson are at loggerheads with major exchanges. 

The market and crypto community are already excited about them. Some of them are already planning their trade around them. Certainly, the crypto bull run is something that everyone wants. These events are a harbinger of that. 

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