Top 5 Blockchain Companies in the UK Paving the Way to Destiny

The constant growth and advancement in technology made it possible for the world to introduce an immutable ledger for recording transactions and tracking digital assets. Officially introduced in 2009, the technology tabling decentralized, immutable, speedy, and trustworthy services in the crypto universe. A high level of security, traceability, and transparency made blockchain an irreplace and valuable part of the cryptocurrency market. The UK is also a major contributor to technology development, offering a wide range of blockchain software and services.

Here are some top blockchain service providers in the UK. 

Pixelette Technologies 

Pixelette Technologies is an award-winning IT company that opens doors to groundbreaking AI and blockchain technologies. Established in 2018, the company specializes in blockchain, NFTs, and other software and website development. Pixelette Technologies is all set to help users and firms access the latest and best software, blockchain, and marketing solutions. The annual revenue of Pixelette Technologies is around $10 Million.       

Dotsquares Technologies 

Another powerful and popular name in the list of top blockchain developers in the UK is Dotsquares Technologies. Founded in 2002, the IT company has developed its strong roots in the blockchain and other IT services. Dotsquares’s blockchain solutions allow businesses to revolutionize their operations, eliminating complexity and staying ahead of the competition. Partnering with Dotsquares offers a transformative and innovative way to decentralize business processes.     

Systango Ltd. 

Systango Ltd, a privately limited company introduced in 2012 is another powerful player in the field of blockchain. The company is highly dedicated to building blockchain and Fintech applications. Mobile app development, web development, web designing, artificial intelligence, and IoT development are major areas of focus. The firm holds a total market cap of $43.61 Million.   

Tech Alchemy

Tech Alchemy is an award-winning blockchain development studio introduced in 2015. The London-based development studio is accountable for designing and developing software. The company holds strong expertise in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and emerging technology with 45% focus on blockchain development, 30% on mobile app development, and the remaining 25% on web development. Tech Alchemy’s annual revenue is around $5 Million and has more room to run. 


Cubix is another leading blockchain development company offering a wide range of services in more than 50+ countries. Introduced in 2008, the company is all set to offer customized and robust blockchain services to businesses globally. The annual revenue of Cubix is around $26.5 Million. The firm is engaged in services including web development, mobile app development, software development, and game development with 10% involvement in blockchain development.  


The introduction of blockchain technology boomed the interest of individuals towards innovation as well as towards the crypto world. The UK is a leading player in the field of blockchain development and related services. Some of the top companies offering blockchain development, designing, and related services are Pixelette Technologies, Systango Ltd, Dotsquares Technologies, Tech Alchemy, and Cubix. All these companies offer tough competition to each other to hold top rankings in the area of blockchain development.          

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