Top 5 German Stocks Known For Producing Excellent Dividends

Dividend is a major factor that draws investors towards stocks. These recurring payments make the shares of any company highly valuable among traders. They make the earnings easier and maintain the value of the scrip. There are multiple benefits of dividends for companies as well as investors. And when one talks about the companies of European countries, this factor becomes more prominent.

Germany is one such nation that hosts so many companies. A large number of firms on this land distribute dividends on a regular basis. Due to obvious reasons, these companies become highly valuable for investors. Not just in Germany, but they are precious for traders across the globe. That’s why experts make a list of such companies so investors remain one step ahead.

German Stocks With High Dividend Yields in 2023

The following companies are leaders in their domains. They generate high dividends and keep investors happy. 

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (NYSE: FMS) 

Fresenius provides healthcare products and services that particularly address renal diseases. Based in Homburg, it caters to a massive number of patients every year. With 4153 dialysis clinics spread across the country, it has become a market leader. Moreover, it has maintained a forward dividend yield of 4.33% along with 13 hedge fund holders. 

Deutsche Post AG (OTC: DPSGY)

Deutsche deals in supply chain management and delivers on a global scale. Based in Bonn, it’s also known as the Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn (DHL) group. It runs the biggest courier operations in the country. As a result, it mostly reports profits in its quarterly balance sheets. The company has maintained a forward yield of 4.62%. 

Allianz SE (OTC: ALIZY)

Allianz provides assorted financial services while focusing on insurance and asset management. Based in Munich, it serves 126 million customers with 155,000 employees. It serves 70 countries and is a leader in the German insurance market. In the last few years, it has indulged in buybacks as well. The company has yielded dividends of 5.33% to its investors. 


E.ON is an electric utility company that boasts of being the biggest publicly-listed company in the world. With 72,000 employees, it caters to 51 million customers across Europe. It has 900,000 renewable energy plants which makes its network quite extensive. Spread across 1.6 million kilometers, it’s a giant in the German energy space. Its dividend yield is 5.34% 

Evonik Industries AG (OTC: EVKIY) 

Evonik Industries manufactures specialty chemicals for a number of industries. While being a leader in this space, it has plans to launch a healthcare division too. Based in Essen, the company played a pivotal role in the vaccine development. With prolific operations, it has maintained a dividend yield of 6.29%. 


These German companies have certainly done a great job of distributing dividends. Not only they have excelled in operations, but they’ve also prioritized their investors. They have run the extra mile and benefit the traders greatly. Hence, they become the go-to choices for every investor dealing in global stocks. However, experts suggest market participants do an analysis before putting their hard-earned money into any stock. 

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