Top 5 Notable NFT News Gaining Traction with Investors this Week

 Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are referred to as unique pieces of artwork. This comprises gaming NFTs, PFPs, music, videos, etc. They have a quality of being original and rare.

Those having an interest in NFTs should be aware of the latest news. The current knowledge of the releases and partnership are released every week. Below are some of the latest news which create awareness of the field.

1. Chile’s VIK Launches Unique NFTs

Last March, famous Chile’s VIK opened at La Place de Bordeaux. Now, it is coming with a new brand offering. A 50-double magnum of the famed 2018 vintage is offered as NFTs for $366 (750 MATIC).

It is the first of its kind in Latin America to offer such virtual treasures. Collectors can decide to keep or trade their digital assets for a tangible counterpart which is a bottle of VIK 2018 double magnum. The holders of VIK wine NFTs are provided with a unique digital certification that shows the details of their bottle’s ownership.

2. Zillion Whales and Ronin Partners to Launch Wild Forest

Zillion, the game developer, is partnering with Ronin for the launch of the innovative real-time strategy game Wild Forest. This game will showcase the PvP battles and card-collecting mechanics to the community.

The game will include destroying the opponent’s castles before they collapse. The game is in alpha testing. The launch date of Wild Forest is not announced. It is initiated to launch on Mavis Hub, Play Store, and App Store

3. Tomorrowland NFTs Make Sales Worth $2.2 Million 

Although this year’s Tomorrowland has come to an end on July 30, 2023, Tomorrowland NFTs have made a huge sale of $2.2 Million. These NFTs are not just digital art but they give the power of ownership with access to exclusive shows and interactions.

4. Doodles And Crocs Partners with Release of New Collection 

Doodles and Crocs have come together with Doodles avatars in the latest range of Crocs wearables. The Senior Vice president and Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs, Heidi Cooley declared this partnership and highlighted that the innovative collection will bridge the physical and digital worlds.

Doodles x Crocs Collection will be officially available for purchase on the Doodles app from August 29, 2023, and the holders of this NFT will be granted access a day prior (August 28). They will also get a discount price of $99 and the price will be $120 for non-holders.

5. Decentraland Unveils Yearly Calendar of Virtual Events

Decentraland is a famous virtual world which has released a yearly calendar of events. These events are fun filled. It comprises different varieties of activities from architecture. It includes cutting edge ideas to grow. Different categories like art, music, technology, food, and travel will enhance the attention of the field. There are a lot of events that are highlighted month-wise.


The world of NFTs is a vast field that has a long list of news attached to it. If anyone is interested in this field, then full knowledge and alertness regarding NFT is necessary. It is important to know the latest market trends and new releases, so it is recommended to follow the news and social media accounts of the NFT.

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