Top 5 Stocks of New Zealand That Global Investors Must Know

New Zealand is an island country known for its picturesque locations. It is also a developed nation with a free-trade economy. Thus, the country is home to various unicorns and rapidly growing businesses. Many companies in New Zealand generate great dividends for their investors.

These companies attract traders from many foreign nations. They generate impressive revenue figures and get attention from everyone. They are the favorite of retail as well as institutional investors. So, talking about some of them makes sense.

New Zealand Stocks That Make Great Profits For Investors

The following companies have consistently generated profits. Consequently, their stocks become a prized possession for investors.  

My Food Bag Group Ltd. (MFB: NZX) 

My Food Bag offers ready-to-cook meals and ingredients in a meal-kit form. Cecilia Robinson, Nadia Lim, and Theresa Gattung founded this company in 2013 in Auckland. It soon grew and attracted investments from many other firms. With a market capitalization of 43.396 million NZD, the company has maintained a dividend yield of 39.11%. 

Livestock Improvement Corp NPV (LIC: NZX)

As the name suggests, Livestock deals in farm solutions, herd testing, genetics, farm software, diagnostics, and artificial breeding. It also develops and markets solutions that help farmers and livestock dealers. Being established in 1909, the company has grown significantly in size. With a market capitalization of 137.804 million NZD, the company has maintained dividend yields of 16.38%. 

Fonterra Co-Operative Group Ltd. (FCG: NZX)

Fonterra handles overarching operations in dairy nutrition. It collects, manufactures, and sells milk and milk-derived products. The company also maintains multiple food service channels in various regions. 

This firm is operational in Greater China, MENA, and Asia Pacific regions. Founded in 2001, the company quickly expanded its operations in other continents. With a market capitalization of 4.023 billion NZD, it has maintained a dividend yield of 10.00%. 


NZME operates in multiple channels of media. It runs radio stations and publishes magazines and newspapers. It mainly works in the entertainment and sports domain. Headquartered in Auckland, it was founded in 2001. The two-decade-old company has managed to rake in incredible profits. Being a media house, it used advertising smartly to generate revenues. With a market cap of 182.074 million NZD, it has maintained a dividend yield of 9.09%. 

Hallenstein Glassons Holding (HLG: NZX)

Hallenstein is the leading retailer of men’s and women’s apparel. It has segmented operations and has a presence in Australia as well. Headquartered in Auckland, this firm was founded in 1985. It has kept its products quite relatable while itself abreast with changing times. With a market cap of 354.912 million NZD, it has maintained a dividend yield of 8.77%. 


All the recommended companies are great prospects for passive income. They perform well in every quarter and distribute good dividends frequently. Therefore, they become a favorite of many investors across the globe. 

Traders can secure impressive profits by investing in those companies. Furthermore, they generate short-term gains as well. With all the profitable prospects, they become a go-to choice for everyone. 

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