Ugreen’s Nexode 100W GaN Power Station Include MagSafe Charging Pad

Do you remember a time when a charger was just a charger? These days, we are spoilt for choice with a whole range of different chargers and power centers that provide multiple charging possibilities for everything from an Apple Watch to a MacBook Pro.

Ugreen has just announced an ingenious charging station covering almost every eventuality. The brand’s products all seem well-made and they all have a smart metallic finish and a heft that makes you feel as if the products will last a long time.

The latest Ugreen product is the Nexode 100W GaN charging station. At 92 x 60 x 60mm, it’s about the same size as a small pen pot and offers a combination of USB-C GaN and MagSafe charging. With a maximum output of 100W, the Nexode 100W GaN charging station is ideal for keeping on a desk so you can power your laptop or charge its battery.

The new charger has two USB-C ports and a USB-A port for older cables that you might want to use to charge legacy tech. You can use all the ports simultaneously up to the power budget of 100W.

As well as charging multiple devices through the three USB ports, the Nexode 100W GaN has a high-powered magnetic charging pad featuring Qi 15W wireless charging technology and a large coil to maximize charging output and efficiency. The MagSafe charging pad is hinged, so it can be used as a stand for MagSafe-compatible phones.

The magnetic charging plate can hinge up to 65°, enabling the perfect viewing angle to be set for a phone. The magnet is powerful enough to allow any attached iPhone to be rotated through 360° for watching videos or participating in video calls. Because the MagSafe charging pad can output up to 15W, it’s suitable for charging the latest iPhone 15. It’s also fully compatible with earlier iPhones, such as the iPhone 12, 13 and 14.

The Nexode 100W charger’s three USB ports can share up to 100W of output power, enabling anything from an M2 MacBook Pro to an Apple Watch, iPad, and almost any handheld device to be charged. It can charge a MacBook Pro M2 from 0% to 51% in half an hour.

The Ugreen Nexode 100W GaN charger uses GaN II technology, which has intelligent temperature detection that can monitor power consumption and ensure connected devices are charged safely and efficiently.

An additional safety feature, Thermal Guard System, measures the charger temperature 800 times per second in real-time. This feature protects any connected devices from short-circuiting as its Power Dispenser System intelligently adjusts the power output to protect the batteries of the connected devices.

Verdict: I have been road-testing the Nexode 100W GaN charging station for the past couple of weeks. It’s the first time I’ve routinely used the wireless charging feature on my iPhone SE and true wireless earbuds. It’s very convenient to have it on a desk or nightstand. The power output is more than adequate for most people’s needs. The charger is quite heavy, but if you take it on your travels as a laptop power supply and a charger for all your other gadgets, it’s convenient. The charger uses a regular detachable figure-of-eight power cable and can handle AC voltages from 100 – 230 volts, making it the ideal international travel buddy.

Pricing & Availability: The Ugreen Nexode 100W GaN Charging Station is available now from Amazon UK, Amazon US and the Ugreen website. The price is $179.99 / £179.99.

More info:

Tech Specs:

  • Total power output: 100W.
  • Input voltage: 100 – 230V.
  • Max output per port: 100W.
  • Charging ports: 2 USB-C + 1 USB-A.
  • Wireless charging: 15W Qi compatible.
  • Compatibility includes iPhone, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy.


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