Unity Stock Fell 8%; Next Phase of Decline Begins in U Stock?

Unity Software Inc. U stock price tumbled 8% in a single day and attempted to break down the $33.00 support. However, the confirmation of the breakdown will come when prices close the session below $33.00. 

Unity stock price faced rejection from $40.00 and dropped below both the EMAs. It triggers the negative sentiment and invites further decline. 

U stock witnessed a massive sell-off and selling volume also rose indicating some big investors might have sold their investments. The price pattern of the stock is bearish and sellers are continuing their dominance on higher levels. 

In mid-August, U stock price took support near $33.00 and showed a minor recovery. However, the upmove was temporary so sellers are getting active again and dragging the price down. 

U stock price is in a correction phase and short-term pullbacks are getting rejected. The volatility on the stock is also on the rise indicating speculators are also active. 

It will be interesting to see how the price will react near its support which will decide the next direction. 

Will Unity Software (U Stock) Rebound By October End?

Unity Software Inc. U stock price corrected about 18% from its recent swing high. So the fresh short sellers need to be careful. However, a minor rise in the stock may trigger a squeeze. 

Unity software stock price closed the previous session at $33.45 with an intraday decline of -7.90%. At present, the price seems to be in the bears’ grip, and about 10% to 20% more downfall is possible. 

However, in between, if the overall market recovers, then it may halt the correction in Unity stock. The analysis suggests that the stock is preparing for the next phase of decline so investors must avoid buying at current levels. 

Unity Stock Price is Expanding Downside

Unity stock price is expanding downside and “Call” sellers are also getting active near $35.00. October’s option chain data shows that the highest CALL OI build-up is at 35 strike which holds 1086 contracts. 

The PUT sellers are active at strike 33 which holds 985 contracts. The price action is favoring the bears and CALL writers are active which indicates that the correction may continue in the coming months. 


Unity Software Inc. U stock price fell 8% in a single day and raised concern for the long-term investors. Buyers are trying to defend the $33 support but sellers look more active so the probability of a breakdown is high. 

The analysis suggests Unity software stock is bearish. So, about 10% to 20% more selloff is possible. 

Technical Levels
  • Resistance levels: $40.00 and $44.00
  • Support levels: $30.00 and $26.00

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