Urbanista Announces The Malibu Self-Charging Bluetooth Speaker

Swedish lifestyle and audio brand Urbanista has announced its latest product: the world’s first solar charging wireless speaker using Powerfoyle solar cell technology. The Urbanista Malibu is also waterproof and can charge itself whenever exposed to indoor or outdoor light sources, making it a product designed for life on the go.

Made using recycled plastic and materials, the Urbanista Malibu is a fully waterproof speaker rated IP67 and protects against dust, sand and dirt. In a press release published by Urbanista today, the company announced the speaker with its integrated lanyard, rugged design, water resistance and durability, enabling the Malibu speaker to be taken almost anywhere.

Urbanista’s mobile app offers extensive options to customise the Malibu speaker, including a fully customizable EQ band that can tweak the speaker’s tonal range to meet almost individual tastes. The app also helps the user track the speaker’s solar-charging function and provides historical data to maximise the available battery charge.

Malibu has a full-day battery reserve no matter what the lighting conditions. The speaker also has a selection of control buttons for pausing and playing music, skipping tracks and adjusting volume levels. Using the built-in Stereo Link function, two Malibu speakers can be connected to work as a stereo pair.

The stereo speaker has an output of 10W per channel. The solar-charging concept follows on from Urbanista’s groundbreaking Los Angeles headphones, the first product to incorporate Powerfoyle solar cell technology. Powerfoyle is a fully flexible material that can take the shape of the product it powers and enables earbuds, speakers and headphones to have an endless power source.

Tuomas Lonka is Urbanista’s brand and marketing director: “We have been excited to continue to progress and innovate the audio market with brand new applications of the latest in solar cell technology. We knew as soon as we launched our self-charging headphones, Los Angeles, that we would be striving to apply this innovative technology to create a new way of consuming audio, to other product applications for our customers.”

Giovanni Fili is the CEO of Exeger, the company behind the innovative Powerfoyle technology. He added: “Urbanista is setting the example I expect all our partners to follow. In 2021, we started with the world’s first self-powered headphones, the Urbanista Los Angeles, followed by the Phoenix true wireless earbuds. Today, the Malibu speaker becomes the third product in three years, completing the full line-up of audio devices powered by clean, endless energy.

“Urbanista has created the blueprint for the rest of the consumer electronics industry by showing that Powerfoyle, with its increased functionality, ultimate user convenience, and positive impact on the planet, should be in every new product!”

The launch of the Urbanista Los Angeles was very successful and now that the Swedish brand has applied Powerfoyle technology to a Bluetooth speaker, it has created a product that may never need to be plugged into a power outlet for all its life. The Malibu Speaker should appeal to the eco-conscious consumer and anyone who wants music anywhere that doesn’t have a convenient power source.

Pricing & Availability: Urbanista’s Malibu solar-powered speaker is priced at $149 / £149 / €169 and comes in three colorways, including the classic Midnight Black, and the new Desert Grey. Malibu will be available worldwide from late September 2023.

More info: urbanista.com/malibu


  • Indoor and outdoor light charging.
  • Full-day battery reserve.
  • IP67 dust and waterproof.
  • 2 x 10W output power.
  • Made with recycled plastic and fabrics.
  • Durable design for outdoor use.
  • Stereo Link for connecting two speakers.
  • USB Type-C charging.
  • Lanyard for portability.
  • Urbanista mobile app compatible.
  • Available in Midnight Black (black) and Desert Grey (grey).

Source: www.forbes.com

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