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Metaverse is a 3D-enabled digital space. It is a virtual space created with advanced technologies so that it gives the real feel to the user. The space which is created virtually is utilized to learn, play and socialize. It facilitates people to connect irrespective of their physical presence. This feature has given it a huge popularity during the pandemic.

 But, its craze is continuing because of its ease and broadness of expanding business. Several events are held in the metaverse to provide it an extensive appeal. People from all parts of the world can come together for different activities. 

Step 1: Decide the Purpose of the Metaverse Event

Metaverse is good for networking events as it facilitates the attendees to move around and interact in a way that is the same as the way we move sound in real life. Users need to decide which metaverse platform is right for the event to be hosted. Before this, analyze the things and decide whether the metaverse is the right venue for the event or not. Before deciding on a metaverse platform first consider the purpose of the event and set goals and KPIs.

Step 2: Select the Metaverse Platform and Technical Setup

There are many metaverses and each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the selection of the platform depends on the needs and goals of the event. Platforms like Decentraland are mostly opted for product launches. 

There is a facility on these platforms where users can track the engagement of the audience and capture the user data. If there is a need for holding the conferences, opt for a conference room in the virtual world. This will help analyze virtual conferences. 

After finalizing the metaverse platform for enhancing the interaction elements like live chat virtual networking areas, multimedia presentations are essential to increase the engagement of the audiences. It is important to ensure the digital avatars, audio-visual quality, and user accessibility and resolve any technical glitches before presenting. Users should always make prior arrangements for technical clarity.

To enhance the virtual events keep sessions concise, stick to the schedule and communicate session durations, plan for breaks, engage the attendees, and utilize the media and visual aids.

Step 3: Marketing and Invitation

After planning and implementing all the details, invite the attendees and market the Metaverse event using social media skills such as email marketing, etc. The invitation includes the basic invitation along with clear instructions on how to access the platform and any technical tips that attendees should remember like compatible devices, minimum internet speeds, etc.

 By keeping budget in mind, attendees are also lured by giving extra benefits like exclusive workshops, unique content, and individualized interactions.

Step 4: Event Execution and Management

This step requires real-time technical support. Conducting quick adjustments for needed experience during the event is compulsory. It is very important to keep an eye on the engagement data and technical performance. This will guide the metaverse event’s smooth execution.

Step 5: Follow up with attendees

The post-event activity should never be neglected. Inputs from the attendees are gained through surveys or polls which determine their satisfaction and users can thus gain knowledge to make some future changes. 

Users should thank the attendees and remember that post-event activity is as important as pre-event activity. Hence, request them to complete the survey and include a link and instructions on how to access it.


With the use of the metaverse, hosting the events can be made more immersive and engaging. To attract worldwide audiences, it is always beneficial to host the event on the metaverse. Users can plan the event and bring the vision of the event with ease and comfort from their home or office. 


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