WhatsApp For Mac Gets New Features And A Redesign

WhatsApp on your Mac is getting a redesign to better suit the big screen experience. The company is also introducing support for making group video calls directly from your Mac, which wasn’t possible before.

For WhatsApp-centric regions like India, a lot of communication with family and friends is over the app (even for iPhone users), and personally, majority of times I’m picking WhatsApp calls on my Mac. The ability to dial group WhatsApp calls from my Mac is a welcome addition.

The new WhatsApp app for Mac adds support for group calls from your Mac, where you can connect with up to eight people on video calls. The number goes up to 32 people on audio calls. Meta will also let you join a group call after it’s started on the Mac – like on the phone app. One of the limiting factors about the Mac app used to be the lack of chat history on older chats, which is getting fixed with more chat history.

You can now see your call history and choose to receive incoming call notifications even when the app is closed on your Mac. The company says that it has redesigned WhatsApp for Mac, “helping you get more done faster when using WhatsApp on a large screen.” With the new design, you can also share files by easily dragging and dropping into a chat.

I haven’t used the new WhatsApp for Mac yet but the changes and additions look promising. Like on your phone, the app keeps your personal messages and calls private across devices with end-to-end encryption. The new version of WhatsApp for Mac is now available to download from WhatsApp.com with promised availability on the App Store soon.

Source: www.forbes.com

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