Why Famous Fox Federation (NFT) is Gaining Traction: Know Details

The Fox Federation NFT project is composed of 2D foxes developed on the Solana blockchain. Draxx is the co-founder of this NFT, and FoxyDev is the lead developer. The Famous Fox Federation has thirteen members, with each one focused on making effective strategies for the NFT.

Four different NFT collections are inside this project: three of them are designed after foxes and one is all about dens. They have different traits like emotions, attributes, and clothing. On the contrary, dens have rooms that are designed depending on the preferences of their owners.

The ecosystem of this NFT is called Foxosphere, which consists of Famous Foxes, which is a Genesis NFT collection. Transdimensional Famous Foxes, the second generation of NFTs, Famous Fox Friends and Foes, an honorary collection and Famous Fox Dens, the home of Foxes.

Famous Foxes (FFF)

Famous Foxes were minted on September 30 and have a total supply of 7,777. They have different traits, making them unique on the basis of common, uncommon, rare, and epic.

Transdimensional Famous Foxes (TFF)

Transdimensional Famous Foxes are the same as Famous Foxes but are the pixelated version. Its total supply is 7,777. Its utility is that it is used to take part in games and missions to earn rewards.

Famous Fox Friends and Foes

Famous Fox Friends and Foes are the art styles in this collection, which are fancy, tremendous, and scary. These NFT holders are able to earn 100 $FOXY each day and can indulge in all the missions, regardless of the requirements.

Famous Fox Dens

Famous Fox Dens has 3,000 NFT dens. The holders of this NFT are eligible to join the missions and earn rewards. Dens consist of rooms that can be used for decoration purposes, which users can obtain by buying them from their corresponding marketplace or as a mission reward.

Tools of Famous Fox Federation (NFT)

This NFT has tools like missions, a famous token market, raffles, and stalking. A famous token market is a place where one can buy and sell tokens with a 2% fee from the sales price. It is free for anyone with a minimum of one staked FFF. The marketplace is open to everyone, but market participants must be careful while buying tokens.


Missions are the challenges for participating in the FFF, TFF or Famous Fox only when the requirements of levels, traits and dens are fulfilled.  They are the same as the version of staking where fff is locked for some time for rewards disclosed to the community through Discord channel. For special events Missions collaborate with other NFT projects


Raffles is the way to guide the Solana community to try and win Solana based tokens and NFTs. It also uplifts to create its own raffles by giving up NFTs and tokens. 


Staking is the process, an opportunity to earn $FOXY.  The minimum time of staking is for three days. The amount is fixed the Famous Foxes and FFFs earn 100 $FOXY per day. TFFs will give 25 $FOXY per day.


The Famous Fox Federation NFT has already maintained the reputable position. It is working on maintaining its position in the market and amongst the community. The NFT market is very volatile so it is always suggested to perform thorough research of the market.

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