XPEV Stock Price Falls Below 50-Day EMA, Is the Price Discounted?

XPeng Inc. – ADR (XPEV) stock price showed weakness last week and declined below the 50-day EMA. The stock price faced rejection from the $20 level and consolidated followed by a breakdown that took the price below the EMA.

Moreover, the daily chart shows that the stock persists in an uptrend. The daily chart also shows a bullish crossover of the 50-day and 200-day EMA; indicating a bullish sentiment prevailed.

The stock price experienced some weakness in the short term. However, it still trades above the recent swing low which adds further confirmation that the price has been discounted. The discounted price might invite more buying volume in the trend and surge the price higher.

Analysts offering a one-year price forecast for Xpeng Inc. observe a maximum potential of 51.8% to the upside that could take the price to a higher level of $25.34. However, the bearish view of analysts is also wide to about 86% which could drop the price to a low of $2.29.

XPEV Stock Price Falls Below 50-Day EMA, Is the Price Discounted?
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XPEV stock option-chain analysis states that the current implied volatility in the market is 71.55% with an increment of 3.1% in the last trading session. The at-the-money strike has an OI of 3024 on the PUT side and 1711 on the CALL side indicating the buyers dominating at the CMP. 

XPEV Stock Price May Accumulate More Buying Volume

The XPeng share price currently trades at $16.69 and has declined near the previous swing low. The stock has a long-term uptrend prevailing. The stock price might accumulate more buying volume near the swing and surge to break above the $20 level.

However, the breakdown of the recent support may tilt the short-term trend in the favor of bears and the stock may show a decline to the lower levels. 

Technical Indicators Show Long-Term Bullishness in Stock

The daily XPEV stock price chart shows that the price is struggling to sustain near 50-day EMA indicating the short-term bearish dominance in the stock. However, the price trades above the 200-day EMA indicating long-term bullishness. The overall technical opinion rating including RSI and MACD signals a 56% “buy” with an average short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction.


XPeng stock price is showing weakness and volatility in the short term, falling below the 50-day EMA and the $20 level. The long-term trend is still bullish, with a bullish crossover of the 50-day and 200-day EMA. The price may bounce back from the previous swing low or break down further. Analysts have a wide range of forecasts for the stock, from $2.29 to $25.34. The option-chain analysis suggests that buyers are dominating at the current price of $16.69.

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