Your Best Look Yet At The Latest iPhone SE Leaks

Apple’s next iPhone may not be the iPhone 16 or iPhone 16 Pro, but a smaller yet still successful smartphone. A number of details about the iPhone SE have leaked. Now we have our best idea of what Apple’s mid-range iPhone will look like.

Digital artist 4RMD has created new concept images of the next iPhone SE. Taking the latest leaks and extrapolating Apple’s design cues, 4RMD has assembled a digital model with all the available information. While these are not necessarily going to match up with the final product, Apple’s relative rigidity to design and evolution suggests that these images won’t be too far from the actual handset.

What stands out first is the refreshed design. The current iPhone SE uses a design first established by the iPhone 6 when it was launched nine years ago in 2014. The next SE is expected to follow the all-screen design introduced by the iPhone X in 2017, with the harsher edges first used on the iPhone 12.

That should give the iPhone SE a design that echoes previous Apple smartphones but retains its own character and identity.

4RMD has decided to include the Action Button in their iPhone SE model. The Action Button debuted on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max in September. Still, it was not included on the entry-level iPhone 15—although recent leaks suggest that it will be available on every iPhone 16 model. If the iPhone SE will be on sale for multiple years, it makes sense for the physical UX to match other iPhone models.

Finally, you have the inclusion of USB-C. Given the requirements for a standard charger and port in the European Union have forced Apple to drop the lightning cable from the latest iPhone models, suggesting the iPhone SE will feature USB-C is a bet you could put your house on. Yet for the lowest-priced iPhone, which the iPhone SE would surely be, using a standard charging port will make it easier for consumers to consider the SE because they would not need to buy new chargers or cables from Apple.

Given the competitiveness at the SE price point, even a small advantage such as “we already have USB-C chargers everywhere at home, so we can get an iPhone now” could turn out to be critical.

The three previous iPhone SE models were launched in March 2016, April 2020, and March 2022. If Apple keeps to the established tempo, we’ll likely see the new iPhone—possibly alongside some new iPads—in March 2024.

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